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Life Change!

This blog will be a good place to keep up with me as I travel from beautiful NC to my new home in south Asia. I'll place here the day-to-day goings on of an Army Chaplain. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some good pictures for you and keep the info fresh and current as the next year unfolds. In the mean time I'm off to beautiful FT Hood for a couple of months of training for our mission. Please pray for my family as this next year will be difficult for them. Daddy is leaving home for a long time. When I return life will have changed. Tori and Jack will be taller and older. They won't look the same or sound the same. They'll have nights where they cry. Tammy will be lonely as well. Lift them up to the Lord as you pray.
I'll miss birthdays, Thanksgivng, Christmas and Easter. I'll have a year of family memories absent from my thoughts. But as I dwell on these things I am reminded of God's calling. I am also reminded of what my wife said to me tonight. In …