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How far?

How far are we willing to go? Its a great question to ask, in sports, in school or in a career. But it can also be asked when it comes to the Gospel. We often read of people that gave their entire lives to the cause of Christ, Moravians selling themselves into slavery, missionaries selling all to enter a foreign land, or even Mother Theresa.

But how often in life do you get to meet someone like that. I had that very real privilege this past week in our nation's capital. Jack and I went there with a group of middle schoolers from St Davids School in Raleigh on a short term mission project to serve in inner city DC. 
It was there that we met Rob Farley. Rob is a lawyer by trade but serves on a volunteer basis at Capital Hill United Methodist Church not a 1/2 mile from Capital Hill. 

Rob tells the story much better than I but I'll give you the big picture. About 7 years ago Rob was a successful attorney at a very large law firm in DC. He had it all, a career, money, the whole thin…