Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Blog Post: Divine Airline Seating

You really never know. I fly America's skies on a regular basis. I don't much care for it, the seats are small for the big man. Airplanes break and leave you on the runway for long periods of time, luggage gets lost and then there are the crowds...oh my.

But every so often I find myself stuck in one of those seats that reminds me that God really does divinely appoint times, places a people in our lives.

I flew back home from a retreat for the ministry I work for, www.davidjeremiah.org, yesterday. After a great event I was just looking forward to getting home to see my family. I was lamenting the fact that I had a late flight and would not be home till after 8:00 pm last night. I even thought of paying a change fee. I'm glad I didn't.

I found myself next to a young lady from Idaho on her way back home from vacation. At 26 she recounted to me all the fun she had had in Florida and was not looking forward to the cold and snow of Boise. It reminded me of the trips I used to take when I was her age.

Sometimes I just want to sit and read or sleep on the plane. Sometimes conversations can be the last thing you want.

But, as we talked and she began to open up about her life and I about mine; I found a young lady that was deeply hurt. As I talked about my experience in the Army and in Iraq and about being a chaplain during those years some of the realities of life crept in. Our conversation moved from having fun in Florida and sailing on boats to more serious issues, like life and death.

I noticed the dam breaking within her as she shared the details of her fiance dying in a motorcycle wreck 4 years ago and get this...how she will never be able to love again! She said, "I just have closed myself off" She told me that sometimes it just would seem easier if she were dead. 

All of a sudden I the hassles of flying and sitting in the back of the plane became moot points. In fact I thanked God for zone 4, for a crappy seat right next to this young lady in so much pain.

I did that because I carry with me good news. My boss, David Jeremiah, is in the midst of a series at Shadow Mountain called, "God loves you, He always has and He always will". This is a message that everyone needs.

I asked her permission to share a little from my life and I told her. I told her about a 28 year old man in despair with little hope in life...afraid of death and wanting to die all at the same time. I told her of a savior named Jesus and how He changed my life and that he could change hers.

This was no ordinary conversation, her eyes were fixed and Jesus was breaking through. It was remarkable. I think maybe in that instant God opened up a door of hope into her life.

We landed in Atlanta, I left her a small book to expand on what we had discussed. Then I watched her walk away. I'll probably never see her again on this earth. But I know a Savior who saves. I know a Savior who heals the brokenhearted. I know a Savior that loves that young lady, He always has and He always will.

So, thank God for crappy seats on a plane or being stuck somewhere because those seats are divine. All we need do is recognize that!

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