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New Blog Post: The real thirst quencher

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when you just knew something outside this world had intervened? One of those weird times where reality is suspended for just a moment and everything seems unreal?

Back in August was one of those times. I was asked to speak at a Christian Music event called The Awesome God Fest. It was a weekend event with lots of bands at the Van Hoy Campground in the northern part of Iredell County where we live. 

It had been a long two weeks, with one week on the road with meetings for my boss, Dr David Jeremiah and then I spent the next week as an observer/instructor at the US Army Chaplain School at Ft Jackson. the week with the Army was spent in a field exercise and if you've ever been to Columbia SC in the summer you know what that was was sticky and hot!

So, I was pretty much exhausted. I had spend all week trying to fend off dehydration by consuming as much water as possible. 

I was struggling for what text to preach and finally decided …

The one year mark

One year ago, there was a major change of life for us as a family. Since 2003 the Army and all that comes with that was the focus of our ministry as a family. Those 9 years were a dramatic life change. That calling took me away from Statesville for 6 years in stateside and overseas assignments. But on October 15th last year, I began serving Turning Point Ministries in a job I have never done. I had no experience representing a large international ministry. My journey to Turning began 18 years ago on a rural highway with my radio tuned to WMIT here in NC where I heard David Jeremiah proclaim the Gospel. On that day in March of 1994 I had no idea what God was doing. I had no idea how my life would change. But it did, in dramatic fashion.

Over the last year I have had the great pleasure of serving along side the man who led me to the truth of Jesus, to serve as a representative for the ministry of Turning Point and it has been a great honor to do so. Words are hard to come by to say how …