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My favorite Army Ten Mile Team!

Here they are! ATMG or Army Ten Mile Guys running for orphans! In this picture from left to right are DS Jason Johnson, DS Scott Miranda, Chaplain Borders, SSG Rethi "Chewy" Chhoeun, DS Mark Glasgow and DS Mark Johnson! Please pray for us as we train to run ten miles. The race is on October 8th. We are running to support the mission of Hopegivers International. It is a ministry that brings hope, shelter, food and clothing to orphans in India and around the world. If you'd like to find out more about hopegivers just log onto

trigger tyme

A .50 caliber round of plastic filled with gooey paint flies past your face and you just knew that was a close one. Then out of no where you feel bee like stings in your leg and back and all you hear is laughter behind you. You turn to find your buddy has just snuck up on you and taken you out of the game and he thinks it’s hilarious that your covered in day-glow green paint! You are playing paintball. Its probably one of the coolest things you can do, other than catching a 20” rainbow on a fly that you tied, but its pretty close. I had the honor of being invited by our Bravo Company for a day a competition in the woods near Columbia. It was an amazing time. We played for hours and got really tired. We laughed a lot and SFC Stratford and I shot each other at point blank range. I put ferns in my headgear but it didn’t provided much concealment. I also found out the difference between cover and concealment. Concealment is useless if they see you! Here’s a picture of us before we got bac…

First Fish!

Their first fish! There are days in life that mark you. Then there are those days that never leave you. Both my kids this past week had the time of their lives actually landing their first fish. I'm sure that fishing for a little guy can be an exercise in futility. The line gets all tangled, the bait is squishy and yucky and the lure never goes quite where you want it to. But then there's that one day when it all comes together. You get the right bait, in the right water, near the right fish at the right time and you got one! Okay, reel it in, keep the line tight, don't let him go! Now the size of the fish doesn't matter, but getting it to the net sure does. Both my daughter and son caught their first fish this week. My son is pictured here helping me land a rainbow trout in the stream next to our house in Boone NC. We visited Linville Falls and Linville Caverns. The Linville Gorge is a true wilderness area and a great day hike. We went with our friends Robbie and Kell…

They're trying to arrest Sam again

As my previous article states I'm running the Army 10-miler to raise money for orphans in India. The group that takes care of the children is Hopegivers Internaitional
If you have a minute and take the time to read the article below(all the way at the bottom of this article). Our friend Sam, Hopegivers InternationalPresident)was released a month ago from jail for a bogus charge and now is on the verge of being jailed again with some more bogus charges. As you read the article you'll notice that the government is charging that Hopegivers used a map without Kashmir as a provision of India. This is a violation of Indian law. The territory of Kashmir is still disputed between Pakitstan, India and China and has been since the British left the region over 50 years ago. Both countries claim that this area belongs to them. In India if you use a map without Kashmir as a true part of the Indian state it would appear that you side with the Pakistanis. The problem with th…