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Nepal 2008

It all began with a conversation with my brother Steve about 8 or 9 years ago. He asked a very thoughtful question about the fairness of God. We were on a long road trip from Texas to NC in a rented U-Haul truck towing a VW van, being brothers and discussing life. The question of Jesus came up. We talked about the Bible and the history and hipocracy of the church, intelligent design, ethics, the resurrection, historical reliability of the Bible and the fairness of God. Steve asked the question, "If Jesus is the only way to heaven, then what about the guy whose never heard living on a mountain in Nepal?" Now in seminary I learned all kinds of theological and philosophical answers to this. But sometimes those answers, though based in truth and sound reason, just don't meet us at our human level. I thought about his question for while and decided that I wouldn't give him the seminary answer. I decided I'd give him the answer that I beleive Jesus wanted me to give. I…

Update on Hunter

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for Hunter. I just got an email from his mom and he is home from the hospital and has no fever today. Keep lifting him up and I will update as the situation changes. Thanks again and praise God who answers prayer!

Prayer for a warrior

In my last post I introduced you to Hunter Monk, my new friend from Roanoke. I told you all about Hunter's battle with cancer and how he is a little warrior, fighting this thing. Over the weekend he was all smiles and feeling good, but I have gotten word today that he is not doing very well. The text below is from a lady that met there las weekend. If you have a moment please read this.

Hey Brad, I am Jane Assaid from Southside. I was with Ty when you signed his bible Sunday after church. I wanted to up date you on Hunter. I am one of Hunter's teachers from school so we just found out this information. He went in yesterday for his chemo and spiked a temp. of 105 last night. They have moved him to ICU and they are giving him antibiotics. His fever is down a little today but not much. He is sick from the chemo and of course throwing up. He is a little fighter and I know he is trying to fight this. I just wanted you to pray for him and Jodie and the family. Her husband is in Te…

My new hero!

This handsome little guy is Hunter Monk. He lives near Roanoke, Virginia and I had the privilege of meeting him this weekend. Hunter and I have the same hairdo, mine is from age, his is from radiation treatments. Hunter has leukemia. But, Hunter is also a 7 year old boy and even though his body is filled with a disease that can kill him, his life is in tact. He runs and plays with his brother. His name betrays one of his great loves in life, hunting of course. He told me about a coon that he had taken. He skinned it but the flies got to hide at and ate it up. What a blessing just to be around him and his family. I met Hunter while speaking at a wild game dinner this weekend put on by some great people at Southside Baptist Church and my new friend Steve Jones.

I've met some courageous people in the military. I've met men who have faced danger, fear, gunfire and IED's. But I have a new hero and its Hunter. A few months ago his kidneys failed and he almost died. But if you loo…