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New Blog Post: A lesson from the birds

Tammy noticed a robin building a nest on the sill of  the stained glass window in our bedroom. We watched with curiosity as that bird toiled and labored to construct a suitable home. The window is up high in the wall so Tammy being altitude challenged would get her little stool and peer over the edge to observe the progress.

Then there were little blue eggs there and the mother robin would come and go keeping a watchful eye on her little house. A week or so ago, Tammy discovered that the little eggs had hatched and two chicks were starting out their journey in life. Tammy would tell me to be quiet as I lumbered around our bedroom. She would check that nest as if it were hers every morning. She came and got me from my office yesterday in a hushed voice, "Brad, come back here!" The mother robin was busy feeding the babies. They were so small. We watched as our teenagers rumbled around the house being loud busy kids. 

Well today Tammy did her normal checking of the nest and the…