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The power of imagery

My friend, Frank, who is the best 1sg in the whole Army sent me this video. Now usually he sends stuff that would make me laugh till I puked. But even though he is a combat veteran with more scare badges than you can count, he has a spiritual side that is very tender and honest. He'll kill me when he finds out I wrote this, but I really don't care. When I watched this video I was mesmerized and found myself saying thank you Jesus. I hope you will too. Thanks to Frank!

New Bumper Sticker?


January update

Wow, its been a long time since logging a post here. I am truly sorry for my neglect. I've been busy in a school at FT Bragg, learning some new skills outside of the Chaplain world to make me better at being a Chaplain. Hope you all had a great Christmas. At our house we had a very relaxing time, I had 2 weeks off from training and it was awesome to be able to be home that long. I'm back at work now having my mind turned to mush by hour after hour of power point. In the Army its called "death by power point" and believe me it truly is, especially for someone who despises sitting all day. We'll finish this course with a field exercise which will be a welcome relief. I'll be back home in mid February.

Between now and then I'll be speaking at Crossroads Winter Conference in Gatlinburg ( ), then at Bethel Baptist Church in Troutman NC and in March I'll be at a Sportsman's Banquet in Roanoke VA. Its going to be a busy couple …