Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The link here is the Bigraphy of COL Robert Howard, the most decorated warrior in US history to include Audie Murphy. If you have a moment read the USASOC biography on him and be thankful for men who have given a life of service in defense of their country.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Write it down!

I just started a new book by Don Miller who is something of an enigma in the Christian world these days. I've been reading his stuff for about five years, starting with "Blue Like Jazz" and then "Searching for God knows what", both I highly recommend. His new book I have only read one sentence. I was sitting in my "crack house" here in Iraq pondering the dust storm that is upon us, reading through some Old Testament History books and simultaneously checking Twitter. I think that I might be quite mad at times. But my friend Amanda Brown posted on Twitter that she was reading Don's new book. I like Don, he's irreverent and I think the world needs a bit of that, so I downloaded his latest book called "A Million Miles in a Thousand Places: What I Learned While Editing My Life". I like the title! I have read about one paragraph and am hooked already. He states at the begining of his book that we forget so much of our lives, that we don't even remember half of a half of it. He also stated that he has a friend that writes down everything he can remember, even if it was dropping an ice cream cone when he was 7. So, before I read any more of this book, I remembered something and am going to write it down. It means nothing to you if you are reading it, but this is my blog and the rules are, I get to write what I want!

One the thing I remember was wanting to be a cub scout. I loved the uniforms! There was the blue shirt with all the cool badges. But there was also the neckerchief with a shiny gold ring that had the cub scout emblem on it that held that garment into place. I wanted nothing more than to wear that uniform looking all cool and doing my cub-scout stuff.  I had dreams of winning the box car derby. I had visions of learning how to survive in the wilderness, eating wild plants, and hunting animals and cooking them on a stick over a fire. I was 6. I remember my mom took me to the local cub scout den up the street at my neighbor Bill Harper's house. They had the meeting in the garage that they had remodeled into a play room. I remember thinking, "Wow, there used to be a car in here...hmm"

I was ready for the adventure to begin. I suspect I was alot like Ralphie in a Christmas Story, wanting to save the world. I remember Bill's mom getting all of us together to announce what our most awesome project would be. What could it be? Rock-climbing?, learning to use a compass? A river trip?

The announcement came and my hopes and dreams were dashed on the rocks of the mundane. Our project build a bird house!

I think I quit about 2 weeks later. All the cool stuff was for the older kids!

So...there's my memory for today so I won't forget it.

Maybe you remember something too about your life....don't just sit there thinking how silly Brad was...go write it down now before you forget!

Thanks Amanda and Don

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Posted by PicasaI've just returned from a trip up north in Kurdistan to the city of Irbil. What an amazing place. In the midst of the chaos of what has been the war in Iraq, Kurdistan stands our as an example of what might be if folks could work together. In Irbil there are large populations of Muslims and Christians and from what I can tell they work together for the good of their community. In Irbil there is daily trash pick up by city workers, something that is non-existent in much of Iraq. There are bustling market places, businesses, tourist attractions and even a go cart track. And, most importantly no IED's blowing up innocent civilians.

The city of Irbil is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. In the center of the city is what is known as the old Citadel. It is a castle in the middle of town that stands 200 feet above the rest of the city. I stood on the same ground as King Darius the Mede and Alexander the Great. Its hard to get away from the profundity of being able to do that. It was quite amazing. While there I met with a Catholic Priest, the station manager of a Christian radio station, had fellowship with believers from Fiji who work for the UN as well. I even got to sit down with my brothers from Fiji and drink a local beverage called Cava. Its made from a root that grows on the island nation. It is served out of a giant wooden bowl and it looks like muddy water and tastes even worse. But it was not the Cava that made our night special, it was the camaraderie of soldiers and the fellowship of believers. I couldn't help but think that God was giving me a glimpse of what heaven will look like....we sang, laughed, talked about family, and talked about Jesus. The words of the Bible struck me, every kindred, tribe and nation will be represented there. It is going to be awesome. Take a minute to thank God that He made people all over the world different and that those differences are precious, but we are all unified in one thing, our fellowship with the Son, King Jesus!

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