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The story was worth the drive

Periodically I get asked to speak at small churches around the southeast. Some are in big cities and others in little hamlets. Last Sunday Tammy and I drove to Maggie Valley NC to speak at the 1st Baptist Church there. The pastor is a humble and genuine man named Ricky Mason. Its a small church with hard working members. They asked me to speak for Baptist Men's day and I always love being able to encourage the men in any group. Being a veteran myself I love meeting veterans as well, especially men who served many years ago.

I also love the stories that folks tell, stories from their lives. Stories that will never be in a movie or famous in history books but stories that give us a glimpse into the journeys that people have been on, sometimes for many years.

Sunday was one of those days. In the receiving line as small baptist churches do, I met an older gentlemen name Luther Sutton with a wide smile and booming voice. He told me of his days with "One Oh One Airborne" (101…