Friday, July 18, 2008

How to worship with your face!

Croossroads Summer Camp is now in its 13th year of existence. What began as a music festival started by my buddy Clayton King has now turned into a year round ministry. What began with a couple hundred high school kids and some college students that had no idea what they were doing has now grown into a ministry that is literally reaching the world, caring for orphans, discipling young people, building community and blessing the church. I've been back at Crossroads teaching workshops this summer and have just been amazed at what God is doing. And that is important. If you read in Acts 2 that was one of the characteristics of the early church, amazement at God or a deep sense of awe at God's work in this world. There is nothing more motivating in life than wonder. It is wonder and awe that produces scientists and explorers, musicians and artists, and disciples and worshipers!

Last week Clayton and I were back stage praying and watching the music portion of our worship service. Our dear friend Carl Cartee was leading worship with a song that repeats the words "we will sing sing sing and make music to the heavens!" We looked at the front of the stage and there in the midst of the throng of teenagers was a young Asian boy with Down's Syndrome. The song was fast and he was keeping perfect time with the drummer on his own set of imaginary air drums. He was singing every word at the top of his lungs and his face was contorted with such joy that I thought he was going to explode right there! Clayton and I both looked at him and nearly lost it. I was reminded right there that the Gospel of Jesus is so good! It is so profound and deep that scholars can dive deep for decades and never reach a place where they cannot learn more and it is so simple that a young boy with Down's Syndrome can embrace Jesus with his heart and worship with his face!

Let that be a blessing to you today, Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again and sing a song and worship with your face!

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