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Here we go

Tomorrow is the big day. Here is what the next 48 hours look like.
We leave NC for NYC (2 hrs)
After a short layover in NYC we board a plane bound for Belgium (8hrs)
We layover in Belgium just long enough to fuel the plane then take off for New Delhi (9 hrs)We arrive sometime in Delhi and stay there for about 20hrsWe leave Delhi for Kathmandu, Nepal (2 hrs)We arrive Kathmandu, jump on a couple of vans and drive 8hrs west for Pokhara, NepalWe then rest a day, get our gear fitted up and move out for the Annapurna circuit.
From that point we will walk for 10 straight days averaging about 10 miles a day.
When I get back I'll go straight to the physical therapist!

Be in prayer for our bodies and our spirits!

Will post again in a few weeks.

What a slacker!

I am so sorry, I have been away for so long and I apologize. Its been over a months since I posted last and so many things have happened in the last 5 weeks. I'll just run down a list of them for you.

I've taken a long awaited mountain vacation with my family and our friends the Fero's. We hiked, fished, ate too much, laughed outloud, slept late, got up early, prayed, built a dam in the creek, planted some flowers and all in all had a blessed timeI've raised all my money for NepalI've put in a hardwood floor for a friendMy friend Hank is going into full time ministry and I'm proud of him for it
I've preached to soldiers and boyscoutsI introduced a young soldier to my best friend JesusI got a new pack and boots for Nepal from REI (what a cool store)I have eaten some ice cream with TammyI've lost a friend and I'm sad about thatI've been turkey hunting 8 times with no luck but still ran through the woods like Last of the MohicansI've had my frien…