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Metric Tools and the Self Centered Life

I'm for the most part pretty selfish. Think about it. Most of what we do in life is for us. Even in ministry the traps of self exaltation are there. I'm in the Army and the Army loves awards. Its good to recognize people for their accomplishments. Its easy to come to the table of life and ask "What is in it for me?" Its easy to do this with God too. My buddy Dan and I talk often about God, His work in our lives and the real freedom and grace that we have found. I mean real freedom! And in freedom, being set free to really live there is no room for self centeredness. They are just not compatible. Its like using metric wrenches with standard hardware, pointless. Yeah you can look like you are accomplishing things and you may even tighten a bolt now and then, but eventually something will strip out. I began to think of this the other night while I was praying. I was asking God for guidance. I'm faced with the possibility of an overseas deployment. I need help in mak…

Army 10 Miler

Well its drawing near to the big race day! The Army 10 miler is fast approaching. The training needs to wind down and the carb loading needs to begin. In case you didn't know it the Army 10 miler is, I believe, the world's largest 10 mile running race. This year over 24,000 people will participate in our Nation's capital. The run begins at the Pentagon and winds its way through all the monuments and then back to the Pentagon. It should be quite a scene. I hope you all will remember that we are also running to raise awareness and funding for Hopegivers international. They, among other things, love, feed and care for orphaned children in India. If you'd like to help take care of these children, just click here to find out more about their ministry. If you decide to give, just let them know you found out about them through THE ARMY 10 MILER.

Can we really hear from God?

I've been thinking a lot lately about hearing from God. I've been a Christian for 14 years now. I like to think I have grown spiritually. I have been to seminary, studied long hours in Greek and Hebrew. I've written massive 35 and 40 page papers on theology. According to the modern mind in spiritual thought, this is how we come to hear God, through diligent study of propositions. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for my education. I would not be where I am had it not been for those long hours of preparation. There are times however where I wonder if that is all there is. I pray. I read the bible. But the times of my life where I was most alive, was when I absolutely knew God was present and I could hear His voice from within. You see theology is good, but relationship with the God of theology is the most crucial element of my existence. It is the daily leaning and learning on and from a God who has and does desire me and you to walk closely with Him that matters. God…

Thanks to KGS!

Wow what a great day we had here at FT Jackson. It was bitter sweet though. The mission that I am on here will be changing g soon and my Battalion is folding colors and going home in a few weeks. Over the last year we have been honored to have a local band called Kenny Got Saved leading our music twice a month. Jared, Brian, Jeff and Dean have been a blessing to us. They provide relevant worship for this generation. They also write songs from their heart. As they have partnered with us over the last year over 400 soldiers have received Christ as their savior. Today was no different with 10 more coming forward, to include one young lady who had never been to church in her life. Today however was the last time they will be with us due to the end of our mission and other commitments to family and ministry that they have. But my affiliation with them has not ended. We are praying about doing some ministry together where they bring their talents for music I would speak at events as they co…

Sleepy Time

If you've ever ridden on a helicopter, loud is the optimal word. Its also a helicopter for heavens sake! My buddy Mitch who will be running side by side with me at the Army 10 miler did something I find almost impossible. He fell asleep after about 6 minutes of flying! He's an old 11B infantry Master SGT. I guess those guys can sleep anywhere. Here's a nice picture of him crashed out at 8000ft! Nice one Mitch! By the way if you want to subscribe to my blog you can do so by clicking one of the cool "chicklets" in the columne to the right. Then as soon as I update with cool and interesting stories, you'll know immediately. How awesome is that?


Some days in the Army are very cool. Today was one. One of my buddies here, DS Wolf made friends with some guys from the SC National Guard aviation unit. Today we hooked up with them and went on a Blackhawk ride! We flew to Savannah, then to Charleston. Landed at the airfield there, had dinner at Cracker Barrel and the flew home. It was a blast. It was my first time in a helicopter and I'll never forget it. The pilot told me it puts out 3900 HP! That is amazing. We flew up the coast of SC along the shore at about 200 ft. The pilot had a little fun with us too. All of a sudden we'd bank hard right. It feels like the floor is gone. Then he'd shoot straight up and then drop back down and for brief moment we were at 0 gravity. WOW! The guys were great, very professional and loads of fun at dinner. I'd like to thank Shawn, Tripp and Scott the all knowing crew chief for a wonderful time! During the ride I thought about how the ride itself was kind of a metaphor. I had no ide…

BMW Madness

I may have gone off the deep end. When I was a younger man, I loved motorcycles. In 1984 I bought a Honda 700 Interceptor. I spent hours riding that thing all over North Carolina. Drove it too fast, wrecked it a couple of times and vowed never to get one again. I don’t know what it is about these two wheeled things that intrigue the male species so much. It may be the freedom of not being surrounded by sound proof windows. It may be the wind rushing past you. Its hard to put your finger on. But the truth is there just something cool about riding a bike. Yeah they can be dangerous and I’ve had my share of heartache with them. A good friend of mine was killed earlier this year on one. But still my heart leans towards two wheels. So yesterday I went over the edge and for the first time in 18 years I own a motorcycle again. Actually I pick it up on Monday. A lot of guys go for the big throaty Harley cruisers and some like the blazing speed of a rice rocket. I went a different road, not be…