Monday, March 30, 2015

Markers along the way

If you are a dad you have all kinds of hopes and dreams for your children. Some long for scholarships for athletic prowess, others want their offspring to succeed financially. No matter the dream we all want those little ones to grow up well. I made up my mind a long time ago that I wanted my kids to first be followers of Jesus and second be difference makers in this world. Both my children became followers of Christ at a young age and we continue to develop that walk even today.

There are also markers along the way where you notice growth spurts in their lives. Maybe it's that first time away from home, or the first job. My son Jack had a growth spurt in his life Friday night. Next month we are doing a GORUCK event together and he has been training for this the past few months. 

In case you don't know a GORUCK event is a team building endurance challenge put on by current/former special operations soldiers with the center piece being the whole event you are wearing at least a 35# ruck. Depending on the type of event you do they last from 8-24 hours. They are hard, needless to say. 

Teddy Roosevlt touted the benefits of living the "strenuous life". I fear that ethic is fast fading in our culture. I was taught by my father and grandfather to work hard, to live outside. I've been trying to pass that on to my children as well. 

Friday night, Jack got a taste of the "strenuous life" in a 4 hour preparatory event hosted by some of my brothers with F3. ( Thanks to Ray Ray, Tune Up, Dallas, Free pass, Mini Me, Chief, Calypso, Friday, Springfield and the rest of F3nation for building into my son. Especially to the men of F3Crossroads!

He joined 35 men, with rucks.  He was tasked with leading them for a portion of the event. What better way to build leadership skills than to put the youngest guy in charge of a bunch of rowdy dudes. They did bear crawls, carried a huge log, spent some time in Lake Norman in 50 degree water. It was tough. He has cuts on his knees and sore shoulders from bearing the load. And he finished it. For his trouble he recieved a little black and white Velcro patch that he is incredibly proud of. 

And his dad is incredibly proud of him too. 

My son may not get an athletic scholarship and play D1 football, he might not make millions of dollars. 

But based on what I'm seeing in him, embracing hard things, living a strenous life.....he will follow Christ and make a differnce in this world. What more could a dad want. 

Now, bring on GORUCK in April!

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