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New Blog Post: Beware of land mines in your way!

So, this morning I awoke to a cold crisp January morning here in the Piedmont of NC. I slept in a bit and headed directly for the kitchen to brew up some coffee. My immediate plans were to have my coffee and sit and read in a devotional book that has been a blessing to me over the years. Its a 90 day plan to praying through the Scriptures by Ken Boa called Face to Face. If you don't have it, get it...its amazing. Nothing but Scripture to pray.

Now I know that distractions are a part of the Christian walk and overcoming those can be a challenge. That's where discipline comes in for sure. Most of the time my distractions like yours are usually the calender or the to do list. Those little things that wedge their way in between us and God. They become so urgent that we say, "I don't have the time to sit and read and pray this morning".

I find that on those days, I REALLY need to sit and pray...taking the time to really hear what God wants from me and what I need fro…