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To live is Christ

Philippians 1:21 states, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. Essentially its like this, if I live on here I get to tell people about the life giving message of Jesus. If I die, I get to be with him, I’m a winner either way. My friend Sam Thomas honestly lives out that piece of Scripture. Right now he is in a jail in India, without charge and with a $25,000 bounty on his head. You might like to know what his crime is. The list is as follows. He and his father M.A. take care of over 10,000 orphans (it may be more than that now). They provide food, clothing, and education for all of these. They build schools to educate thousands of other Indian children. They provide care for lepers. They hold medical clinics for the lowest of all of India’s castes; the Dalits and they plant churches and preach the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are his crimes. And right now his life is in danger. He is sleeping in a jail for the cause of the Gospel. What an unbelievably incredib…
I'm asking all who read this blog to please pray for this young lady. Her dad is one of my Drill SGTs. He's a good man and loves his daughter. As you can see below she's been missing since January. If you've seen her please use the contact numbers below.

Endangered Runaway

DOB: Jan 12, 1989Missing: Jan 29, 2006Height: 5'6" (168 cm)Eyes: Blue Race: White
Age Now: 17Sex: FemaleWeight: 125 lbs (57 kg)Hair: Blonde
Missing From:ORLANDOFLUnited States
Lauren has a scar on her abdomen and her ears are double pierced.

ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACTNational Center for Missing & Exploited Children1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Orange County Sheriff's Office (Florida) 1-407-836-4357
The following is an article about how Chaplains are helping our soldiers returning from combat. Hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to leave me some feedback please feel free to do so.

Christian Science Monitor March 8, 2006 Pg. 1
Troubled Soldiers Turn To Chaplains For Help
By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
FORT GORDON, GA. -- Army Spc. Travis Dulaney, who served in combat in Iraq, is wound as tight as a trip wire.
Visibly pained, the Mississippi native says he is unable to tell his family what happened to him - and what he did - in his year of fighting. Those memories, he says, are his wagon to pull. So far, the weight has been too great. That is partly why Specialist Dulaney has been assigned to the Eisenhower Army Medical Center's Delta Company here at Fort Gordon until he is fit to return to duty.
Walking with him on his journey back from the battlefront of Iraq are the chaplains, a corps of officers who quietly watch over US Army troops from the fr…
The following is an article from my friend Sam Thomas who lives and works in India bringing the Gospel to millions. Not only that the ministry of Hopegivers International houses and feeds thousands of orphans. I've been there twice and long to go again. Sam and his father M.A. are both powerful testimonies to the love of Jesus Christ put into practice. You can check out all they are doing at their website by clicking here:

I hope you enjoy this article and let me know what you think. But more than that, pray for Sam and M.A. Pray for India and South Asia. Pray for this world.

Hope as Process
It is one thing to be a possessor of hope-even a scholar of hope-but it is an even greater thing to become an active giver of hope.
The first thing you learn is that giving hope is not a one-time event. It is a process that goes on, sometimes for years. Hopegiving is a wheel that moves forward as a progressive process. You learn them from loving and caring for abandoned and orpha…