Gatlinburg separation anxiety

Tammy and I spent the past weekend in Gatlinburg Tenn at a conference for Middle/High school students. We had an unbelievable time. No we didn't hike Mt Leconte or fly fish or ride bikes. We were just plain lazy most of the time. I taught a seminar on personal evangelism once each day and the rest of the time we took naps and enjoyed each other's company. I met some great kids from Jacksonville and from Smith's Corner Alabama. It was a blessed time. The conference is put on by Crossroads ministries and I serve as a speaker and as a board member for them. You can check them out at Clayton is one of my best friends and has been a traveling evangelist for about 17 years now and he's only 32 years old. Derwin Gray, former NFL player and good friend also spoke and brought the house down. Carl and Heather Cartee lead worship and I'm pleased to say that Carl and Heather have done so well since moving to Nash-Vegas!. Carls' song-writing continues to flourish and you can keep up with him at Well I must return to work now, its cold here and its with much regret that I head back out to work with large pieces of corrugated metal. Blessings to the blog world.


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