Well Logan you finally made it here. Your first task in life accomplished with flying colors. You were probably God’s reason your daddy didn’t have to go to Afghanistan. He was on his way there when some kind of crazy Army glitch sent us home. He and I wondered why we were not allowed to be a part of the mission that we thought we were called to do. But we found out one reason and that was you! Because God’s plan is bigger than ours, your dad was there with your mom when you made your grand appearance and judging from your pictures you are fine looking young fellow. I’m not sure what you’ll do in life. That kind of thing is so far off. We can ponder about what kind of little boy you’ll be. Maybe you’ll be athletic and win a state championship in football, maybe you’ll devour books, and maybe you’ll love the outdoors…who knows? The possibilities are wide open for your life. Who knows what kind of man you’ll be. You might be soldier like your daddy or ride bulls in the rodeo to make mom happy. You might be brilliant and cure cancer or cerebral palsy. You might preach the Gospel all over the world and lead millions to Jesus. I’m not sure what you’ll do, but I’m less concerned about what you’ll do as to who you’ll be. My prayer is that whatever you do in life is that you’ll love God first and people along with that. My prayer is that you’ll make a difference in this dark world. My prayer is that your life will bring life to others. You have a wonderful mommy and daddy. They both have been waiting to see you and they both will provide a wonderful home for you. They’ll take care of you and point you in the right direction. They’ll keep you from harm and bandage your skint knees. All in all Logan you have been blessed by God and you don’t even know it yet. Happy birthday little man and may the Lord of Heaven be with you throughout your days!


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