Its the most wonderful time of the year! No its not Christmas with all of its trappings of materialism! Its football season! Its the single most exciting time of the year in the life of a high school, college, or pro player and for those of us that never got over playing such a life altering game. I just got off the phone with my buddy Randall. He coaches the Statesville High School Greyhounds, my alma mater. He was talking to me from practice, blowing hs whistle, yelling encouragement. "Switch 'em up! Hustle Hustle!" Its an awesome time of year. The picture to the left is of my buddy Brant leading his semi-pro team in prayer prior to a game. Brant is also the youth pastor at my church back home. He uses sports to reach those that might be unreachable for the Gospel. Its hot now, but those cool autumn nights are just around the corner. Those footbal Friday nights where heroes are born and teams come together. The sweat in August produces wins in November!

Hooray Football!


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