I'm not sure what it feels like to see your son or daughter graduate from Basic combat training. Mine are still in grade school. But I think this picture sums it all up. Its my buddy Tommy from back in NC. His daughter just graduated today from her basic course at FT Jackson. He and his wife stood as the soldiers marched in the pass and review. The stands thumped with feet and echoed with claps and cheers as over 1400 soldiers walked past. 10 weeks ago they were civilians wondering what in the world they were doing. 10 weeks ago their families said goodbye with a tear. Today, those same kids, were a little different. They stand straighter, they say yes sir and yes ma'm. Tommy looked on with pride as the flag passed us by and then his daughter. I guess the amazing thing is that every week we graduate 1000-1400 soldiers. They all volunteered. They are not as some have suggested dumb or uneducated. They are most of them just kids, that have a sense of calling and have answered. They are well aware of the danger. Yes its scary and its serious. But they still come and all willingly. So say a prayer for those that defend you. Say a prayer for their families who are sacrificing as well. Say a prayer for our nation and its leaders today as well. I won't be posting for a few days. I'm heading home to


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