Well Done

Well I'm getting ready to go home for Christmas leave and wanted to leave this year with a picture and a tribute to some really good friends. In this photo are some instrumental folks in the ministry to soldiers at FT Jackson. The first is COL Karl Voigt our former BN Commander. He supported our ministry with all the resources that we ever needed. He attended our services weekly and was a great encouragement to us. The second is SFC Dan Roberts. I cannot say enough about him. He is no longer with me at my new Battalion, and he is sorely missed. He exemplified professionalism at every turn. He's passionate and committed. I am convinced the ministry would have failed without his outstanding performance. Finally there are the guys from Kenny Got Saved. Jared, Brian, Jeff and Dean are our band. They bring life with them. All of them are regular guys that God is doing extraordinary things with. You can check out their website at www.kennygotsaved.com This picture was after our last service at the FT Jackson Post Theater back in late September. All of these men made the mission of providing dynamic worship services to the soldiers at FT Jackson possible. In the 16 months we worked together over 400 soldiers found salvation in Jesus, many more were encouraged in their faith. I know that what these men did has eternal effects for the Kingdom of God. Well done everyone!
Now I'm moving down the street to 1-61 Infantry in a new office and a new environment. The band will be coming back to lead worship for us at Vanguard Chapel. I'm looking forward to more amazing things from God!


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