The Jesus Tomb

I suppose by now you've heard that James Cameron has made the claim that he has found the grave of Jesus and his family. Think about the implications for a minute. Paul said in 1 Cor 15 that if Jesus is not raised then we above all men are to be most pitied. He's right! If Jesus did not ovecome the grave everything I base my life on is gone, my worldview, my vocation, how I approach my family, my dreams, and my eternal destiny. It also means that Jesus is a liar and a fraud. It means that whatever good things He said are no good, because its all built on a lie. So with that in mind think about it for a second before you dismiss this claim. What would it mean to you, to the world if Jesus was just a really good dead man?

Before you lose all faith, this claim by James Cameron can be answered. I've compiled a couple of webistes for your viewing pleasure that could point you in the right direction. Be a critical thinker, examine the evidence. Truth has a funny way of coming out. More to follow I'm sure


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