Where's the Prayer?

In the last few days things have ratcheted up in Iraq. We've seen another 3 of our brothers kidnapped by insurgents. The political fight is on here and the coffins keep coming home. The 24 hour news cycle keeps ramming the news down our throats non-stop. Everybody has an idea about what to do.

I'm a Chaplain, not exactly a tactical genius. But one thing that have heard precious little about is prayer concerning this war. In the Army we pray constantly about it and for it, but I hear very little coming from the pulpits of America. I turn on the TV and read the web pages hear pastors teaching how we can have more meaningful lives, better relationships, a deeper walk with God, but I hear very little commentary coming out about prayer and this conflict.

Our history is littered with wars that demanded the prayer of the people of this nation. And yet where is the outcry from God's people to God Himself to intervene and bring resolution? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see alot of shared sacrifice around the nation. I see affluence and wealth like I've never seen(not that wealth is bad). I don't sense a common burden when I go get my groceries at Wal-Mart. In fact I don't even get the sense that people even think we are fighting a war.

Yet, when my Drill Sgts talk they know full well it is on. They live with the memories of places like Haifa St and Ramadi. They live with the images of their friend's dying in their arms. They hear about death in Iraq and they know those people; its not just a line of text rolling under their TV screen. Its real and its awful. Amid all the political discussions and the strategic planning I would love to see a ground swell of prayer in local churches. Instead of debates about whether the Republicans or Democrats have the right plan for the Mideast, I'd love to hear of church sanctuary's and small groups staying late because people were too engaged in prayer, talking to God the Father about all this mess.

I suppose what I'm saying is that we need God and I believe more desperately than we ever have. So if you are reading this I would like to encourage you now to stop what you are doing and pray...pray for God's intervention in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, His intervention in this broken world...for the Kingdom to rise...for a great tide of His Spirit to move over this planet as we need it so and need it now. Encourage others to pray! History has seen great movements of God, the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, the laymans prayer revival of the 1850's, the World revival of the early 1900's. We need God, we need our hearts to be broken. We need to turn ourselves back to him. I'm beginning with myself right now. Please join me.

Jesus asked His disciples after a mass exodus of followers one time, "Will you leave me too?" They replied to him, "Lord, where else are we to go, You are the one who has the words of eternal life." I don't think there is a political solution. But I do believe in the One who holds the words of eternal life. With a Word He spoke this universe into existence. With a Word He humbles nations and heals lepers. With a Word He topples mountains and restores sight to the blind. With a Word He causes the earth to shake and heals the broken heart of a wounded child. His Words are eternal life! He's our hope and our prayer. He's our rock and our shield, our strong tower in times of trouble. Let us all bend our knees and turn our hearts towards the One with the Words of eternal life.


Anna Blanton said…
AMEN! When I saw Facing the Giants, this was my exact thought. We can win this thing if we were on our knees more talking and pleading with God for his intervening hand. My brother is over there right now. For my family and many others with loved ones serving, it is on our minds and in our hearts and prayers constantly. Thanks for sharing!

Anna Blanton

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