Can God find a Catalytic Converter

Its been more than a week since I’ve been on here. Since then I’ve come off active duty and am back home with the family, jobless and restless in a lot of ways. Had a wonderful blessing in my life over the past two weeks. My dad, Jack SR, got a new vehicle and needed to get rid of his Ford Sport-track. He new I needed a new car and offered me his. It’s exactly what I need. Last weekend we went to Sunset Beach, NC where he lives, ate some fish, played some golf and picked up the car. About 50 miles out of town the thing just died… no power. I had no idea what was wrong. It was hot and we were stuck in Sparky’s Truck stop on the way to Myrtle Beach SC. We waited on the tow truck for three hours…we were miserable, the kids were hot and whiny…so was Tammy and maybe me too. My military experience of hurry up and wait became a distinct advantage. We prayed, for the tow truck to get there, for help with the truck and for us to get our attitudes right. Eddie, the tow truck drive finally showed up. He had hair like Conway Twitty, you know that poofy, swooped back, stiff as a board, big hair…fitting! He towed it up to Florence SC where we dropped it at the Ford dealership there. My hope was that they could fix it the next day. That was Sunday June 10. Today is Tuesday June 19; I still don’t have a car. I called back the next day and found out a piece of the catalytic converter at the manifold had broken up and destroyed the rest of the converter and stopped up the exhaust. Your car will not run with it like that. So, I said get the part and fix it. Well then it gets interesting. Ford doesn’t make the parts anymore and only one vendor has them. Somehow in this day of modern technology, computers, ipods, the space shuttle, high speed automation this part is incredibly hard to find. Every day I’d call back and get the same response, “Nope, it ain’t here, check back tomorrow!” I am so sick of hearing that line. Well come to find out that that part will not be available until August 15! So the service manger checked the parts data base that searches parts from 3800 Ford dealerships and they found exactly one of these things in Denver! Amazing. So the Denver guys shipped us the one part in existence at this time and it is currently being installed on that truck. All that to say this, that little prayer I said in the hot at the truck stop….it got answered…not in my timing, but in God’s. There are a lot of folks that think God is too big to involve Himself in the mundane of our lives, but I think not. I think God not only heals, and saves and raises the dead but can even find a catalytic converter that doesn’t exist.


marlborocountry said…
catalytic converter has no mechanical working parts inside, it is designed to help the flow of harmful gases. There are many reasons a catalytic converter would fail. Sometimes the converter is dented or has a hole in it. Other times, it’s a cracked converter neck. Damage like this will cause failure every time. Another reason could be poor installation, where catalytic converter gaskets have not been replaced with the new converter. Fuel and engine additives can cause converter failure, some of these additives are not oxygen-sensor safe. Using the wrong fuel specified for your vehicle will cause the same effect. If your vehicle calls for an 89 octane, then using a 93 octane is bad for your vehicles engine, exhaust system and the catalytic converter.

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