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Congratulations to COL George Cone who made the rank of 06 on Monday July 2nd, 2007. To make COL in the Army is no small feat. You must be a quality leader and have demonstrated that the Army can entrust you with the responsibility of commanding large numbers of people. COL Cone was my boss at 1-61. We spent a lot of time together, mostly late in the evenings after the days work was supposed to have been done. We developed a good and close relationship during those times. I could always tell when he had had a difficult day. He'd have his face buried in his computer screen and look up as I rapped lightly on his door frame, "Come on in and sit down Chaplain". He'd rub both hands into his forehead, put his feet up on the desk and begin to tell me all of the days issues. He's a good man and a good leader and I miss working for him. He's relinquished command and to be honest I think it was a difficult day for him. He's heading to an overseas post. He'll have different responsibilities there. But he'll do well. He's a veteran of the 1st Gulf War and and experienced tactician. He is hard, but fair. He also cares deeply for those in his command. He'll fight for you as well. I was in limbo about whether I was going to be extended as a Chaplain with 1-61. I had no job back home and have two hungry kids to feed. Also our BN would have been left without a Chaplain for at least 6 months. He called up to the Pentagon and wrangled with another COL up there slamming his hand on his desk and screaming "Victory starts here! I need my Chaplain!" Needless to say I was extended. Unfortunately he's an SEC and GA fan, no conversions are hoped for. But I continue to pray for him to see the light and the virtue of being a UNC fan. You are already missed sir and I'd work for you anywhere anytime. God Speed!

Joshua 9....out
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CPT Erica said…
And don't forget the spit cup, and the specific way he'd do the "sweep," index finger and nonchalent toss of excess dip into the trash. Lovely--my imitation of him with Oreo cookies crunched up in my teeth was priceless (or so I hear). Ha!

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