Holy Moley! App beats Michigan and Statesville Beats Lake Norman!

Its that most wonderful time of the year....Football season. Today I get to smile really big. Last night my high school Alma Mater and today my college Alma Mater both won last minute games. For Appalachian State, I'm not sure there is a bigger win. They have won the national championship at thier level the last two years, but to beat Michigan at Michigan with 100,000 people watching on a last second field gaol block.....whew!....I'm not sure you get bigger. I am currently in Boone NC and I suppose the scene here tonight might just be a bit rowdy. Even though I'm 41 and far removed from the university, I just might go over there and see what all the fuss is about.

Last night, my beloved Greyhounds of Statesville High won their first game of the season. No it wasn't against a ranked opponent, no it wasn't before 100,000 people, but it was huge for the kids on that team. I've been volunteering with that program off and on for about 5 years. Randall Gussler is their head coach and one of my best friends. Randall calls me the life coach. I kind of like that.

The kids at Statesville are mostly African American and mostly poor. They have had about 4 losing seasons in a row. Now everyone expects to win against them and sometimes I believe our players expect to lose. But last night our kids didn't quit and didn't give up. We won 14-10 with Lake Norman on our 1 yard line ready to score. I thought it was over. I got down one knee on the sidelines, bowed my head and prayed like this, "Lord, I know that this football game is not that big a deal on a worldwide scale, but it means so much to these kids, its all they've got today, would You please help them?" I said "Amen." and then Lake Norman fumbled the ball and we won. The kids at Lake Norman have all the advantages, most of their parents are wealthy, really wealthy. I have a kid at Statesville that went a couple of days without food, literally.

So did God cause the fumble? I don't know...but I do know this that after the game at least 20 players gave glory to God in the win. If that is the result of a win I'll take it!

On to South Iredell this week.


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