December Update

Its been about a month since I've blogged, my apologies for my lack of updates. I realize that most of you were not sitting at home freaking out because my blogs weren't coming through on a regular basis. So here are some highlights. Just before Thanksgiving I was invited by Dr David Jeremiah to Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego to share my testimony with his congregation. Tammy and I flew out there for a busy weekend of services and meetings. It was amazing to say the least. I have no idea how many the church building holds but it was a very large crowd for three services. Tammy and I got to sit back stage with Dr Jeremiah and enjoy some private time with him. It was something I'll never forget. Here I was sitting face to face with the man that 15 years ago had preached the sermon that showed me the way to Jesus! I tried to glean as much wisdom from him as I could in our short time together. He truly is the real deal, just as humble and sincere as you would want him to be.

Then we got a chance to tour Turning Point's studios (check the picture of me and Tammy behind Dr J's microphone), the place where the broadcasts both TV and radio originate from. The crew there came out of their offices to meet us. I really could not fathom why. But I realized that they work and work all year long and rarely get to see in the flesh the fruit of their labors. And on this particular day there was, in the flesh a married couple who had been changed by God through the impact of their ministry. It was a blessing to see the look in their eyes. I'm grateful to have been a part of it. They interviewed both of us for an upcoming edition of their monthly magazine; I think it'll be out in February or March.

We also got to spend some time with Sean and Vicki Brennan. Vicki works for Turning Point as the national representative for Dr. Jeremiah and is his point person on his nationwide events. She is amazing and they opened their home to us. Sean is a retired pilot from the Navy so we obviously had much to talk about. He's an amazing guy and it turns out he came to Christ through watching Dr Jeremiah on TV, amazing! Coming home we met some folks in the airport that had been at Shadow Mountain that weekend and we had a great time meeting them and praying with them in the airport. All in all it was a trip we'll never forget.

On another front we have a new dog. Her name is Sofie. She's a Havanese which I think is Spanish for a mop with legs. She is hilarious, but continues to use my house a septic tank. She chases her tail and licks my face while I do push-ups and sleeps in my bed. I think she's got me trained.

Finally in more sobering news, this will be the last Christmas I spend with my family till 2010. In the Spring I deploy overseas with the guys from my unit for a year long mission of winning hearts and minds and hopefully by the grace of God it'll be our last. I just got an email from my dear friend and Chaplain, Matt who has been there for almost 15 months. This is his 2nd Christmas away from his family. He told me that when he first got there and saw the faces of the guys he was replacing, the weariness the exhaustion, he swore he'd never look like that. He told me today, that he does look like that. He's doing a great job with his soldiers, but he's tired and ready to come home. I don't blame him a bit. I suspect my old buddy Ray is in the same boat, ready to see his family after nearly a year there. No matter how strong you are, 15 months of war takes its toll. I appreciate your prayers for me and my guys as we prepare to go. I wish you all a most blessed Christmas, Christ with us, Christ in us the hope of glory.


Ray said…
Chap Bro,
What a blessing you are my friend...a marvelous vessel for the grace of God. How incredible He is to bring you and your mentor together. Beautiful photos of you and Tammy working as a team for the glory of God. Thank you for your continued prayers for your brothers in the CH Corps...which by the way, I'm now home! My turn to pray for you...

May the Christ that came, and who will come again, cause you to rejoice with your family this Christmas that you are HIS!

In His Grip,

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