Highly Motivated at All Times!

Some people have mottoes that they say, you know "The buck stops here" and "I did it my way" and other life mottoes that people spout off. Most of the time they are really just words. Words that have no real value attached to them because the words are not accompanied by any such action. But when you come across one of those rare individuals that has a motto and then lives by it, now that is something to take notice of. Then you find a guy with one of those mottoes that is so high above the standard, so far from the norm and then that guy lives by it, brothers and sisters, you find out what makes that guy/gal tick and you get some of that. Now, my friend Jeff Pugh would be appalled if he knew I was writing this. Because guys like him don't seek the spotlight.

Jeff is Major in the Army. He's a commander. In the civilian world he's a police officer and a commander. He has a commanding presence and no he's not 6'3" and built like Arnold. He's actually kind of….well…..ok he's short. But what he loses in height he makes up for in encouragement. You can tell a good leader by one thing…do people follow him? When a real leader gets up to go do something, everyone in the room follows.

That is the kind of guy Jeff is.
Jeff's motto is "Highly Motivated at All Times!" He greets me with it, he says goodbye with it. He says it in the heat and in when the AC is blowing and going. And guess what…He actually means it. In a world steeped in sarcasm, lethargy, and mediocrity, Jeff is not any of those things. He leads from the front. He does the little things like staying with the trucks that need guarding while his soldiers eat. He is the last guy to lie down. He is the first with a good morning. He is the first with a smile…even when its 125 degrees and no one is physically happy. He really is motivated at all times…I mean really. And do you know what effect that has on people…yep they get motivated too. They want to follow him. Hec, I do too.

If you hang around a guy and you feel better about yourself and your life for having been around that person, then that is an encourager. Ask yourself this question, "When people are around me, are they encouraged or discouraged? Are they full of energy or are they sucked dry?"

Jeff told me that he wants to be an energy giver, not an energy taker. What if we had more people that had that as their motivation every day? I mean really? What if we all said, "Today I'm going to pour myself into the lives of others!" What would it look like. It would probably look a lot like Jeff Pugh's Civil Affairs Company, Alpha 490th. It is an organization that has been infected with Jeff's attitude and they are so much fun to work with and be around.

Ultimately where do Jeff and other people like him get their energy from. Well, I would submit that it can only come from our God. Jesus was a energy giver. Everything about him was giving. His healing, his encouragement, his teaching, his loving, his dying, his resurrection and his soon coming all were and will be acts of giving. Giving glory to God by saving the crown of Creation…mankind, giving of Himself, Giving of His power.

Now, post resurrection and post-Pentecost we all have access to an unlimited supply of spiritual encouragement and motivation. The Holy Spirit offers us fruit and gifts. Fruits like love and peace and patience, gifts like evangelism, encouragement, service, prophecy are all offered to us…conditionally mind you.

One of my new favorite Pastors here is Chaplain Dave Shoffner. He gave a great message today in Lightning Chapel. The sermons series has been on the Fruit of the Spirit and today it was peace. Hear what Jesus says in John16:33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

One thing I had never noticed about that verse. The offer is there from Jesus for peace. Notice that "you may"…its there for the taking, but He also says in the world "you will have tribulation".
Peace is offered, Trouble is certain. Peace comes with submission to the Spirit. Trouble comes with getting up in the morning and just going outside. Peace is offered, trouble is certain.

But notice…Jesus says that He has overcome the world…He means the world system, tainted and broken by sin and the devil. And since Jesus is an overcomer, by faith I am an overcomer. I take those things quite literally.

Jeff has a lot of peace in his life. He's cool with who he is. Does he face trouble, are you kidding? After 3 combat tours in the war you better believe he's faced trouble. But how he stays motivated comes through a supernatural interaction with the Power that is available to all of us. Jeff is an overcomer!

Simply put, when we submit ourselves to God's plans and The Spirit we become a real live energy givers and not energy takers.

I hope you'll do that today..And be Highly Motivated at all times!


CLPUG said…
That highly motivated man is my Jeff. He is a good man. Leads by example and wants all his troops to be successful, this I know. If he sees someone giving it their all he will do what ever it takes to help them be the best they can. When the boys and I went to his promotion ceremony at the police department one of the most touching moments was when the entire audience responded to my comment "anyone who knows Jeff knows he is" and they all said "Highly Motivated at all times."
On a lighter note, I hope that is a shadow or dirt I am seeing on the upper lip. If it is facial hair please tell him the boss said to shave it off, thats an order.
God Bless and watch over all our troops.
mommyhoodisgood said…
Thanks for writing this! I needed to read it and be reminded of how God's got my back as long as I'm willing to let Him do His thing in my life. Praying that you and all our other troops will be safe. May God continue to use you to be a light for Him! ~Laura Nettles

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