Good Friday and the Pinning Ceremony

"Pin my medals to my chest and bury me in the leaning rest" a line from an old Army running cadence. At the end of every tour in Iraq or Afghanistan there is always an awards ceremony. Th Army is big on awards, especially in a combat environment. Its part retention and part tradition. When people are recognized for the work they have done they are more likely to sign up and serve again. As my time here draws to a fast close, today was my awards ceremony and alot of nice things were said. Its good for your leaders to take notice of what you have done. I got pinned on today and just now realized that today is the day that Jesus' pinning ceremony took place. His award was not a commendation medal or a bronze star or even a medal of honor. His award was being accused of crimes he didn't commit. His award was three illegal trials. His award was to be called a blasphemer of God. His award was to be beaten beyond recognition. His award was to be stripped naked and spit on. His award was to be cursed by the very ones that He loved. His award was to labor under the weight of a Roman timber. His award was a solitary 800 meter walk, His award was the fleeing of his closest friends. His award was the mocking of soldiers like me. His award was crown of 100's of thorns  beaten onto his head, His award was to stretch out willingly and his pinning ceremony took place over looking the very city He came to save. His pinning ceremony was not characterized by words of "Job well done" and "Congratulations" but words like, "Save Yourself if can" and "Look...the King of the Jews". His pinning ceremony was characterized not by pride but by humility and pain. His pinning ceremony was accompanied by the darkening of the sun, an earthquake and the tears of the Father. His pinning ceremony cut the veil between you and me and a Holy God and His being pinned and His life's liquid, His blood paid and paved the way for access to Life....the Life of really being able to relate to God without religious hoops to jump through. I'm humbled to have had my pinning ceremony on the same day as Jesus'. Someday soon, I'll get to take all my "Bling" as we call it off my uniform and present it in the real ceremony before my God and King. So today I'd just like to say to Jesus..."Well done sir!...Well done and thank You so much!"


Becky said…
A needed reminder of what today and the days that follow are about. Thank you.

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