Wounded Warriors

Beyond the headlines of those killed in action in Iraq and Afghansitan are the more than 30,000 wounded service men and women who in many cases have had life altering injuries. 21st century medical advances have made it possible that many of our combat casualties survive the most horrific of injuries. Although alive, life has become a struggle for normalcy for many. In some cases there are literally years of rehabilitation in clinics and centers, away from the their homes, persevering to return to a life that seems normal.
There is an organization that takes alot of the burden off these guys and its called the Wounded Warrior Project. Today I went to a luncheon put on for our wounded warriors here in our unit. I met men there that exemplify what it really means to be an American. They have left peices of their bodies on foreign fields and are still pushing forward. They love their country and they love each other.

WWP is a nonprofit that was founded by veterans to help wounded service members beyond what the respective branches of service do. WWP reaches out with backpacks filled with supplies at every injured soldier's bedside, helping with rehab, job placement, counseling services and with community and much much more!

I am currently serving in a special operations unit and we have had many casualties, both KIA's and WIA's and the WWP has been there for our guys every step of the way. If you'd like to find out more about the Wounded Warrior Project their website is www.woundedwarriorproject.org


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