New Blog Post: Serendipitous Football

So, 13 years ago at 4:30 pm on October 8th I was teaching through the book of Romans with a 17 year old high school dude name Will Long. Will had come to faith in Christ in the weeks prior to that through the ministry of Young Life where I volunteered as a leader.

My wife simultaneously was 9 months pregnant and the 8th happened to be her due date. Our first, Tori had arrived 3 years earlier exactly on her due date!

That day Will and I were on our back porch, my back to the sliding glass door, Will sitting across from me on an awesome fall afternoon. Will, I noticed, kept looking over my shoulder into our den. I said, "Hey dude, this is God's word its worthy of our full attention!"

Will replied, "Man, I think your wife is needing you"

I turned, and saw Tammy sitting on the couch about to rip the stuffing out of the cushions and she hollered, "Its time!"

Of course, I freaked! No warning? Just like that? Yep!

I turned to Will and asked if he could stay with Tori till my mother in law got there. Will being the fine young man he was agreed.

Tammy and I raced to the hospital and an hour later Jack B Borders III was here in the world.

So that's the background

Now, 13 years later Will is 30. Will is a grown man and a lawyer and with all the comings and goings of life we rarely see each other. He lives in Raleigh and I live in Statesville. But randomly a couple times a year Will checks in.
So get this, at exactly 4:30 on October 8th, Will calls this year. He didn't remember it was Jack's birthday. He called wanting to know if Jack and I would like Panthers tickets for the game against the Saints!

Of course we said yes and had a blast at the game.

The question is...coincidence? If you hold a naturalistic world view I suppose you might say yes. But for those of us that believe that God is personal and near, I think not.

It also reminded me that the impact that we have on people lasts far into the future. Will and I chose to spend time together that day 13 years ago and he will be forever linked to our lives as the guy who was there for us on the day our son was born.

Turns out Will was there for us on Jack's 13th birthday too. It should be noted that Jack had been asking me all season if we could go to a Panthers game. Well...we did.

Will asked me to pay it forward so I am. I'm gonna find a way to be a blessing to someone today, and I hope you will too!

Thanks Will!


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