I've Been Blogged

This is my first ever blog. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm blogging away. Merry Christmas to all. Christmas is fast approaching. We got Jack an RC car that has an airplane attached to the top. I really hope it works. We have been victims of the "we don't have any more of those" at Wal-Mart. Jack wanted the Tyco RC Terrain Twister. I never actually saw one, so if I did, I wouldn't know what was looking at. Needless to say, we have purchased something close. I have as much fun as he does getting the stuff together for Christmas morning.

Its good to be home for Christmas. I could be in Iraq as many of my friends are. My friend Joseph who stationed at FT Carson Colorado is in the "sandbox" right now. Last week they lost a soldier. As a Chapplain that is when the rubber meets the road in military ministry. I will be mobilized in May to pull a year of duty at FT Jackson SC. It'll be good duty and I'll get to work with some fine young soldiers. The worst part will be being away from Tammy and the kids. Being in the Army has made me appreciate every day. I thank God for each moment with them. They grow so fast.

So Merry Christmas blog world. May the light of the Gospel be seen by all. May the fact that God loved this world, even the worst of us, so much that He came in skin to live, die and resurrect for us. In advent we celebrate His coming both in the stink of a barn and we look forward to His coming again to right all wrongs. May that day be sooner than later. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


DLR said…
just wanted to let you know that I saw your blog. What a beautiful family you have
-- SSG Roberts

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