Emergency Family Bonding

There's nothing like an emergency to put things in perspective. When life is smooth and all is good and everything is right with the world, priorities get a little out of whack. I'm sure the victims of the last hurricane can atest to that. In our little world we had a physical emergency this week. Jack, my youngest (pictured here) came down with a nasty case of pneumonia. It was so bad that his oxygen saturation levels dropped dangerously low. Since last Saturday he has been on O2 to stabalize his breathing while we waited patiently, sometimes not so patiently for the anti-biotics to kick in. I have been overwhelmed at the outpouring of support both from my church family and from my Army family. I am convinced that prayer is effective, if only to bring us to the feet of Jesus for a time. Its been six months since I've been home this long (4 days now) and I blessed to have been able to spend some time with my daughter, my wife and my son. Hopefully he'll go home today or tomorrow. If you are reading this and were aware of our situation, thank you for your prayers and your concern. I am blessed beyond compare. To everyone at 2-485th INF thank you so much, you have demonstrated what in means to never leave a fallen comrade! Thank you to my church home for your cards and calls. Tammy and I are grateful, more that you'll ever know. Thanks to my buddy Clayton (www.claytonking.com) who rallied a whole host of prayer support from people we didn't even know. I am so thankful today.


Craig Clark<> said…
Ch Brad,

This weekend at Ridgecrest was amazing! I really enjoyed your message on Saturday morning. It was good to see you. I've been praying for Jack since Clayton told me what was up on Saturday night. Keep us updated.

In Christ,
Craig Clark
Brad said…
Thanks Craig for your prayers and it was a pleasure being at Ridgecrest with everyone.

Thanks again,

Brad's MOM said…
Brad Just want you to know that the Trinity Church family...and my whole class of teachers had our little Jack in prayers as well. His photo is on
our class website.

Love MOM

And Happy birthday today.

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