Lost Boy found

This is a picture of a friend of mine, Elijah, from Sudan. 15 years ago when he was 7 years old he and about 10,000 other children, most less that 10 years old, walked out of Sudan to escape persecution. All of their families had been murdered. They walked 1000 miles through deserts and mountains. They crossed rivers. They were stalked by wild animals, many of the children were killed by crocodiles. But my friend made it out. Now, he serves in the Army. He is a translator. He told me today that God did a miracle in his life by allowing him to complete that journey. I imagine basic training is very easy for him. He and I lead music in the field today as we took communion. We sang "Amazing Grace". How appropriate to sing "Amazing Grace" with this man. God showed His grace on both of us. He saved me from myself and my friend Elijah from a civil war. The grace of God knows no continental boundries!


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