Hooah Guys in the Army

I’ve been told that I needed to update my blog. So I wanted to take this opportunity to do some personality profiles of people I work with. This is not a place to exalt the egos of people I know, Army leaders rarely need that, its simply just a place to get some information out to my friends outside the Army about who I get to spend most of my days with. Today I am beginning with a really good friend. His name is Pete, he’s a Company Commander in a Basic Combat Training unit. He’s probably close to 30 now. He’s an infantry officer. He can tell you all the specs on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle with enthusiasm. He knows everything about small arms. He takes his job seriously, but always remembers to laugh. When times are hard he thinks of other people. I noticed this when we lost our friend Bob a few weeks ago. At the hospital all he did was offer ways of helping other soldiers who had to think about other things. He brought me breakfast when I needed to remain in place. He is hard on his “Joe’s” as the soldiers are sometimes called, but he’s fair. He places training first and is the first to recognize stuff that is stupid. He’s competitive as well. He runs faster than the Chaplain, but when I do run with them he never leaves me in the dust so as not to hurt my fragile 40 year old ego .
He’s also been a victim of the UMT Black Ops program as you can see in these pictures. I also believe that Easter is his favorite holiday!


CSM Anderson said…
That CPT bikos sure is a handsome guy.

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