It is with profound sadness that I report the death of 1SG Bob Kuehne. He was killed in a motorcycle accident this week. Its hard to put into words that typify him. I would say he was rough, tough, gentle, kind, abrasive, honest, hilarious, deep, simple, real and just a good friend. Chaplains have strained relationships with 1SG’s sometimes, but not me and Top. He would always ask me, “Chaplain, have you prayed for me today?” I’d always say, “Top, you need prayer!” He laughed out loud and long. He loved his daughter more than anything. She is blessing too. I had the privilege of meeting her at this tragic time. His brother, Chuck, is a retired Army LTC and looking at him you can’t miss the family resemblance. We spent all day today praying and crying and remembering Bob. It is a remarkable honor to be with people at this time in their lives. To be with a family at such a devastating time, to try to bring some healing, some comfort, is a task that I dearly love and hate at the same time. Romans 12:15 brings this ministry of presence home, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” Its a good thing to be with people. Its funny how all the stuff that seemed important a couple of days ago just fades. So today we weep and we mourn. We also remember our friend Bob. I’m a better person for having known him.


Bob Adrian said…
Bob Kuehne was a unique individual, I have known him for many years having served with him with the 810th MP CO USAR In Tampa. We went to war together and he was one of the hardest working guys in the unit. he will be missed.
PFC Jones, grad: E co. 2nd plt. said…
I was lucky enough to graduate before his passing and receive the fantastic training he provided. It's unfortunate that new soldiers coming into E company will never know what they're missing.
Anonymous said…
well im tasha 1sg kuehne's little girl all i have to say is daddy i love u and miss u dearly and thank you for everything you taught me..... and thank you for eveybody who there for me and my family inthis still hard time love u !!!

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