Wow, its 2007! Hard to believe. I remember as a child of 12 thinking of what being a live after the year 2000 would bring. I remember thinking how old 35 sounded, now I think 35 is young. Today I watched the funeral for one of the presidents of my youth. Memories of the 70's flooded my head. I remembered GI Joes, BB guns, longing for snow to get us out of school, splitting wood and raking leaves with my dad and brother. I remembered in the 70's how unsure I was about the future. I remember worrying about the world as a child, being afraid of nuclear war. I heard an old philosopher on TV the other day recounting of how when he was young that he thought of life as the football and it was his to run with, but as WW II rolled around he realized that he was the football. I guess during the 70's I became acutely aware that life and this world we live in was a lot bigger than me. As I face 2007 as we all do that sense of wonder and nervousness still reside within me. I do sense that we live in very surreal times, world events that seem so out of control. I suppose that many generations have felt this way. As a Christian, a believer in Jesus and His promises, I'm obliged to remember today that I am not a football being pitched around at the whims of life. I remember that I'm in the sure hands of an Almighty, not part-mighty God who loves me and gave Himself for me. So no matter what the world hands me this year or what the world hands you, know this that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is moving according to His good pleasure over the face of this world. He is holding the universe together. He has role for us to play. I intend to play my part this year. My prayer is that you would as well. More to follow.

I head back to FT Jackson from a wonderful time of leave with Tammy and the kids. We worked around the house to get it ready to sell so we can downsize and simplify. I'm looking forward to that. It was great to see so many folks that I have missed dearly over the last two years. If you think about it, pray for us as I come home in 6 months to no job. Pray that God would place me where He wants me and that I would follow Him and Him only.


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