God's Man Called

I've been privileged to be in the presence of great people. I can name off family members, faithful friends, Army buddies who have all made a tremendous impact on me. Today one of the greatest men I have ever met called me. He's not famous or rich or powerful. He's a simple man from India with God sized dreams. I've written about him before, but he's "double blog-worthy". He was born dead, literally. The mid-wife who helped in his delivery more than 60 years ago wrapped his lifeless body in a blanket and had it not been for his mother seeing a little toe move, he would have been buried that day. Yet, life coursed through those little veins and my brother M.A. Thomas has been giving away life ever since. He has no real property, owns a couple of changes of clothes, yet in his chosen life of poverty has been giving hope to children all over India for the last 40 years. Those who oppose him have tried numerous times to kill him. He has had cancer and survived. His son and my friend Sam has been imprisoned and accused of crimes in a hail of lies. All this they do for the simple reason that they have a belief that God loves this world and gave His Son Jesus for it. They take the teachings of Jesus seriously, so seriously that on one of my visits to India I saw Sam face down the very people that would want to kill him. He did not do this in anger, but he did it with a quiet confidence that has marked me to this day. I believe this, that courage is contagious. When we are in the presence of courage, Godly courage, it is so attractive. We find ourselves desperately wanting to be like that. Most of the time, we fail, but when we actually see someone filled truly with God's Spirit, it is undeniable. M.A. has been forbidden to leave India for the last year due to the false charges against he and Sam. But yesterday he arrived in Atlanta and today I got to speak with him on the phone. His voice was as powerful as ever. He gave all glory to God for getting him through the last year. He, as always, asked about my wife and children. How blessed I am to have the honor of knowing one of God's greatest saints. He has been instrumental in starting over 7000 churches in India. Hopegivers, the ministry M.A., started cares for over 20,000 orphans. 20,000! They care for children that no one else cares for. I've been there, seen the love they give. It will melt your heart. As a soldier I serve in the company of heroes. Everyday I walk around this post amongst heroes. Today, I spoke with a different kind of soldier, a hero in the Kingdom of God. If you have a minute check out their website at www.hopegivers.com Think about helping them. Pray about it. Maybe you'd even like to go. Maybe you can be heroic as well. Here's an article that I found about M.A. today if you'd like to read it. http://www.wtvm.com/Global/story.asp?S=6014347&nav=8fap


CPT Erica said…
What a powerful man--a story I will surely follow. He is one of those people I haven't met, but as is our relationship, I feel closer to God just knowing you. The spirit has moved me--thanks for sharing JB. The other JB--

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