Final Training

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been out in the field for 5 days hanging out with soldiers. It all started last Saturday with a 9 mile road march that was relentlessly attacked by our OP FOR (opposition forces). Then about 16 hours later I road marched another 10 miles with another company. It seems I forgot that I'm 41 years old and that rucking almost 20 miles in less than 24 hours would do horrible things to my feet and back. But its all good to go. Our young soldiers performed well in their final exercise before graduation. They showed initiative and adapted to many different situations that they will inevitably face in the combat zone. I'm awefully proud of our soldiers and our cadre who trained them. Keep praying for them. I've got one more cycle of training till I come home. I'm ready! Its time for the Chaplain to graduate finally after 2 years here. Here's a cool picture I took while we were out on Victory Forge.


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