All groups that try to be exclusive have them. Fraternities have secret handshakes. Gangs have the signs of twisted contorted fingers that display who they are. When we know each other we wave. In the south if you are in the country there is the hand on the steering wheel finger raise. Not the middle finger, but either the index finger or a combination of two or three as you pass another. You don’t even have to know the other guy, its just considered common courtesy in the country.

In the past few months I’ve purchased a BMW motorcycle. I rode years ago when I was 19 or 20, I went too fast, wrecked and sold my bike. I bought that bike for cool guy points. But latest purchase was for a number of reasons, good gas mileage with stupid high fuel prices, an outlet for forgetting whiny soldiers, and just kind of longing to be a part of a community of riders. One of my first days riding I noticed another bike approaching and the oddest thing happened. As he drove by, and I had no idea who he was, he waved. Now it wasn’t an elbow up awkward sign, but a hand extended toward the ground at about a 45 degree angle. It was real casual. I returned the greeting.

I realized that I had become a part of a community. We had something in common, two wheels, wind in the face, the world around us not dampened by steel, glass and insulation. The wave is subtle, yet powerful. It’s an acknowledgement of the other guy saying, “Hey dude you are part of my world, you are in my community, my club.” It was so cool. Now I look for other riders to give the sign to. I see another single headlight approach, waiting for just the right moment, casually extend my clutch hand down and point at the ground. They always return the salute. I love it.

The church should be more like that. I meet guys on Ducati’s, Harley’s, Moto Guzzi’s, other Beemers, Triumphs, even rice rockets, it doesn’t matter. If you are in the wind the sign does down. The church misses that subtle identification and acknowledgement of each other’s value. We are the body of Christ. We have so much in common, the love of a good God, the great gift of forgiveness, the calling to something greater than our selves and not to mention our eternal destiny. Maybe we can learn from a bunch of idiots balancing on two wheels about the power of affirmation in a simple gesture.


Gilbert Feliciano said…
I call it the Harley Wave and everyone with a bike seems to know it. I am glad you are still operating on the "Cool Guy" point system.
CPT Erica said…
Hey, that one fingered wave is not JUST the South. It is native of the South....South Dakota! That is our greeting, the one fingered index wave over the steering wheel. That's why I lovvvvve going home!
CPT Erica said…
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