I rode in a large group of motorcycles one time about 20 years ago, but I was 21 and stupid and we almost got killed going too fast. I did it again today, older and wiser and less young and somewhat less stupid. There is a group of soldiers that gets together to ride once a month, all from FT Jackson. It’s a wide variety of folks, some officers, retirees, Drill Sgts, NCO’s and even a SGT Major or two.

We met this morning in memory of our fiend Bob, who died on his bike last spring. He loved to ride wo we celebrated his life by riding as friends. Most of the time I ride alone, just me and the road and a destination in mind. Today was different, we just rode to ride. It was a blessing. We took a lap around lake Murray (I couldn’t finish the whole thing had to get back to work) but it was truly glorious. The weather was perfect. We had a mix of Harleys and assorted cruisers.

There were amped up super bikes and even one Big Dog Chopper and it was unbelievably loud. We rode tight and staggered. We had road guards blocking traffic at lights to keep the group in tact. Its funny how people just stop and watch as 30 bikes roll through town! Its like we were the circus.

It was very cool and a great break just to get away. Met some new friends like this fiery little woman named “Speedy”. Now that’s a great name for a biker! Saw some of my old friends from 2-485th, CSM Rossi riding a hog (that was awesome), Mike, DS Giffen, Craig, MSG Rivera, SFC Sanchez, DS Jackson, SSG Flynn and others. It was good to catch up and laugh for a while. Posted a couple of pictures…enjoy! By the way I was going to take a picture while we were riding in the group but I didn't think that would be very safe...you see I am wiser!


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