Mr Robbie and Bekah on Victory tower

It was Army day today. May friends Robbie and Kelly were here visiting this week with their three kids. My family was also here so that means 9 people in my apartment. We are getting close! Today we spent all day at Ft Jackson. It began with Victory Tower. I hooked up with the range NCO and arranged for Robbie and Bekah (their oldest) to go down the rappelling tower. We got there along with about 180 soldiers in training. We tied up our harnesses and hooked up our D rings and made our way to the top. The Drill SGTs from Echo 1-34 hung out for a few minutes extra to make sure we got down the wall safely. Bekah jumped off and flew down the rope like a pro, except for the part where her hair got caught in the figure 8 ring! It was traumatic for a moment, no need for scissors though, she got herself undone! Robbie went down like an Airborne Ranger and his belay man held him tight in the air to get some good photos. Tammy and Kelly stood safely away from any danger while Jack, Tori, Daniel and Emilee cheered us on. It was very cool. We then went to the gas chamber to watch newbie soldiers puke up their lunch and we ended the day with the Night Infiltration Course this evening. Flares, live fire and 133 soldiers crawling through dusty sand, it doesn’t get any better. Except for the fact that I had Italian Sausage for dinner and nearly threw up 5 times on the course. All in all good fun for an April day. Enjoy the photos!


Bryan Huff said…
Give it up to Mr.Robbie.
Bryan Huff said…
Brad, why is your head so big?

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