Here we go

Tomorrow is the big day. Here is what the next 48 hours look like.
  • We leave NC for NYC (2 hrs)
  • After a short layover in NYC we board a plane bound for Belgium (8hrs)
  • We layover in Belgium just long enough to fuel the plane then take off for New Delhi (9 hrs)
  • We arrive sometime in Delhi and stay there for about 20hrs
  • We leave Delhi for Kathmandu, Nepal (2 hrs)
  • We arrive Kathmandu, jump on a couple of vans and drive 8hrs west for Pokhara, Nepal
  • We then rest a day, get our gear fitted up and move out for the Annapurna circuit.
  • From that point we will walk for 10 straight days averaging about 10 miles a day.
When I get back I'll go straight to the physical therapist!

Be in prayer for our bodies and our spirits!

Will post again in a few weeks.


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