What a slacker!

I am so sorry, I have been away for so long and I apologize. Its been over a months since I posted last and so many things have happened in the last 5 weeks. I'll just run down a list of them for you.

  1. I've taken a long awaited mountain vacation with my family and our friends the Fero's. We hiked, fished, ate too much, laughed outloud, slept late, got up early, prayed, built a dam in the creek, planted some flowers and all in all had a blessed time
  2. I've raised all my money for Nepal
  3. I've put in a hardwood floor for a friend
  4. My friend Hank is going into full time ministry and I'm proud of him for it
  5. I've preached to soldiers and boyscouts
  6. I introduced a young soldier to my best friend Jesus
  7. I got a new pack and boots for Nepal from REI (what a cool store)
  8. I have eaten some ice cream with Tammy
  9. I've lost a friend and I'm sad about that
  10. I've been turkey hunting 8 times with no luck but still ran through the woods like Last of the Mohicans
  11. I've had my friends Robbie Fero, Jeremy Harrill, Mack Jarvis, Clayton King, Matt Orth and Nathan Smith help me in a tough time
  12. I've listened to a new book by Johne Eldreddge on my ipod
  13. My dog Levi has two coons he fights with in back of my house
  14. The leaves are green now and I can see the resurrection of life before me
  15. I fixed my lawnmower
  16. Found out my friend Frank Lauer is being stationed in Italy and I can't wait to visit
  17. Found out that I have another deployment coming
  18. I watched my little girl get a base hit in a softball game
  19. Been playing catch with my little boy
  20. I have grown to love my wife more
  21. And finally...I've walked with Jesus through the good and the bad.

Thats my top 20 update. Hope you all are well. I'll bring some pictures back on the nest post.


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