Thursday, June 12, 2008


My bed, my shower, my family, my dog, my goodness it is good to be home!
I got home about 11:15 last night after 40 continuous hours of travel from the Himalayas to rural NC.

I'm suffering the effects today, jet lag and some sort of gastrointestinal disorder that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But, I'm home, not in some airport or stuck in a hot airplane waiting on clearance to land.

I'll get started chronicling the trip to Nepal tomorrow after I download some pictures and videos. This all depends on how I'm feeling. But, hopefully tomorrow there will be some pictures up and some commentary on our trip. It was a blessing.

In the meantime check out one of my guide's website. His name is Phurpu (poor poo). It means Thursday in Tibetan. That is what day of the week he was born on. He was raised in a small village near MT Everest and came to faith in Jesus through a German mountain climber. Its a pretty cool story.

Our other guide was named James. James is a gifted musician and plays traditional Tibet style music but writes praise songs to Jesus with Tibetan themes. If you'd like to know how to get his music just contact me.

Both guys are Tibetan believers and are two of the greatest servant leaders I've ever met. I learned so much from them.

Phurpu's website is

Be back tomorrow.

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