Greetings from Kathmandu!

I won't have any pictures till next week but it was an adventure. When I get back to my computer at home I'll update each day with pictures so you can follow along with our trip.

Here are the nuts and bolts of it all. We hiked about 100 miles in 8 days going from altitudes just under 4000 ft to almost 13,000. In one case some of our team went as high as 15,500.

We averaged over 12 miles a day and this morning I really feel like it. Shin splints, back spasms, and general exhaustion are the rule.

We had many incredible opportunities to share the good news and I will update you on these as the days come.

We met two amazing men of God who have a heart for the Himalayas and treated us with unreal servant hearts.

An incredible journey no doubt.

But I long to hear these words, "Welcome to America son!'

I'll be home in a few days.


Jim Pemberton said…
You all have been in our prayers. Looking forward to hearing the details!
Erica Rose said…
Cannot wait to hear your adventures! What a blessing for all those lives you touched. The adventures continue--this is my new blog. Stay tuned!

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