"Old People!"

Tammy and I are in Gatlinburg TN this weekend. I'm teaching at Crossroads Winter Conference. There are about 800 High School and 300 college students at this event (www.crossroadsworldwide.com)
I've been teaching at these events with some of my best friends in the world for the last decade or so. I'm almost 4 years past 40 and find that I keep getting advanced in my years and the kids all stay the same age. Tammy and I went out to lunch today and decided to come back to the fabulous Edgewater Hotel and get a bit of rest prior to teaching time. We headed up the elevator and a young man about 14 years old, dripping wet from the swimming pool joined us. I asked a stupid question, "You been swimming?". He was very polite and said "Yes, it was awesome!" Then he inquired, "Did you bring your trunks?" I told him..."No, we thought we'd just take a nap." He snickered and in an exasperated voice said, "Old people!" The doors opened and he stepped out of our lives....thank God! Tammy looked at me, still in shock from the profundity of the moment and declared, "He just called us old!" Yes he did! I put this picture on here for all to see that my wife is 41 years old, proud of it and still is an amazing beauty! It must have been me that kid was looking at!


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