Power in a life lived well

A friend of mine sent the following link. Its sort of a video diary of Penn Gillette of the comedy/majic team of Penn and Teller. Penn is an avowed atheist, but a very thoughtful man. If you've ever seen their act or heard him speak, he's quite brilliant and a great entertainer. Take about 5 minutes to view this and think long and hard about what he has to say. For those of us that follow Christ he has some profound things to say. Enjoy!


Sarah said…
I've seen Penn on the Glenn Beck show a number of times and the thing that always came across to me was how intelligent he is. Every time I hear him talk about things like this I find myself thinking that if there was someone in the world who could make him see the light, this man could do good things. You could tell that this man who gave him this bible moved him, and really, he's exactly right in what he says. The example he gave about the truck was very good. Genuine people can make a big difference. I hope that Penn finds The Lord someday, I really do.

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