A soldier dispenses his views!

I get to meet and make friends with some hilarious people in the Army. Many could have sob stories that are truly legitimate then others just seem to make the best of things and their situations. My friend Mark was out of the Army in the Individual Ready Reserve for over 12 years. That means he was out, like not ever putting on a uniform. He had a great job, a great wife and a gaggle of kids. But in December he gets a letter in the mail saying, "Welcome back! And oh by the way its involuntary, you are going to Iraq" (my paraphrase).
Instead of ducking the mission, instead of griping and complaining, Mark chooses to laugh and make others laugh. I thank God for him and others like him in these trying times. I hope you will as well! Enjoy....by the way, its really hot in Kuwait in case you were wondering!


elcapitan said…
Brad, I don't know how to blog. Help me out and send me a email address. P.S. NC State created th no huddle offense.
christine said…
You are too funny. We do miss your humor.
michaela said…
Hey Uncle Mark, It was neat listening to your stories with your friend Brad. You guys are really funny. We hope we can meet Brad some day. Love, Michaela

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