Wheels Up

I'll be wheels up soon as we head to Iraq for our mission there to button up this conflict and get all my soldiers home safe and sound. Once I clear everything with public affairs, I'll continue to update this blog and keep everyone abreast of how I and my soldiers are doing. We had a predeployment service last night, it was awesome to get together and sing songs, read God's word, pray together and to experience the presence of an almighty God. Today is frenetic and busy as we load trucks and prepare for the flight line. I have a great sense of anticipation watching and waiting to see what God will do over the next 10 months. Much love to you all. I will be in touch. Tammy, Tori and Jack....I love you with all my heart!

Strength and Courage

Joshua 1:9


Anonymous said…
I'll be praying for you and all of your men. I've got some sermon cd's that I am finished with. I would love to send them to you so that you could share them with your men or use them yourself. Could you email your address whenever you get it?

Thanks & Godspeed,

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